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8-365 days :90 TL
1-7 days : 100 TL


Rental Terms

Rental prices may vary by season. Seasons are divided as follows.

Summer season: May / June / July / August / September / October

Winter season: November / December / January / February / March / April

- Minimum rental period is 3 days.

- Minimum rental age is 23

- All vehicles are fully insured.

- 3-stg for each driver with daily insurance.

- There is no km limit on vehicles.

- All our vehicles have right steering and air conditioning.

- Drivers wishing to rent a car must have valid driving license.

- The driver has to deliver the vehicle as the rented vehicle is bought.

- All vehicles can be delivered to the TRNC.

- The baby seat is provided free of charge with the vehicle.

- If you want to extend your car's day, please inform the City Rent A Car agent 24 hours before the end time.

- The driver hire the vehicle at the appointed time and 10-stg for every hour if not delivered at the time. It pays.

- In case of vehicle damage, the City Rent A Car officer and the nearest police station should be informed without moving the vehicle.
Otherwise, the driver is responsible for any damages and any problems that occur in the vehicle.

- The rental fee is charged to the customer every day when he / she is in repair due to damage to the car while it is in the vehicle.

- In case the vehicle is stolen or pert, the insurance fee is charged to the customer every day until the payment of the vehicle.

- City Rent A Car is not obliged to pay any expenditure made for the vehicle without informing the authority.

- The vehicle's tires, key and interior are not covered by insurance.

- All traffic fines belong to the charterer.

- The fuel belongs to the charterer.

- You can pay the rental price by cash or credit card when signing the contract.

  • Individual
  • Corporate
  • Fleet
  • VIP
  • B
  • Commercial
  • D
  • All Licences
  • E
  • H
  • K.K.T.C Driver License
  • T.C Driver License
  • National Driver License
  • Not Applicable
  • 0-3 Years
  • 3-5 Years
  • 5 Years and Above
  • 18-20 Years
  • 21-25 Years
  • 18 Years and Above
  • 25 Ages and Above
  • Baby Seat
  • Navigation Devices
  • Cargo Boxes
  • Tire Chain
  • Driver
  • Interpreter
  • Transportation Services
  • Holidays & Special Occasions
  • Movie & Series
  • All Over The K.K.T.C
  • Local Delivery Branch
  • One Way (Portals Delivery)
  • Airport Delivery
  • Bus Station Delivery
  • Unlimited Kilometer
  • Removable Abroad


Akif Ka . 9.1.2018 17:57:33

modele göre fiyatı çok iyiydi, güzel bir deneyimdi ama direksiyonun sağda oluşuna alışamadım.

Buket Ir . 7.1.2018 17:57:33

sezonluk fiyatı neye göre belirliyorsunuz?

Oguzhan Ik . 10.1.2018 17:57:33

çalışanım için kiraladığım bu araç iyi fiyatı ile beni büyük bir yükten kurtardı








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