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  • Cyrprus - Kyrenia

    Since 1937, the Dome Hotel Casino has been serving the same quality of service to all its guests and has managed to attract attention among all Cyprus Hotels with its seaside location. Dome Hotel Casino is located in Girne, according to those who want to visit the city. The magnificent view of Girne embraces you as soon as you leave the door. Dome Hotel Casino, which has survived between Girne Hotels, offers a great holiday and unlimited chance games to all its guests with its half board service.

    Dome Hotel Casino with its large and spacious pool offers you the opportunity to swim in the unique Mediterranean waters with its seaside location. The hotel has quite good facilities for families and there are fun days and nights you can spend all together. We also show that we are a family-friendly hotel with a 50% discount for children aged 6 and under.

    Continuing to serve guests with its special architecture, the Dome Hotel Casino will give you quality time with every situation and everything in mind. With its proximity to the historical and natural beauties of Girne you can navigate outside the hotel and spend all your days full. Dome Hotel Casino, which has been able to distinguish itself from other Girne Hotels with affordable prices, is bringing its occupancy rate close to 100% especially in the summer months. Early booking facilities are an unbelievable opportunity for you. We will be delighted to welcome you at the Dome Hotel Casino which will give you more of your holiday conception.

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  • Cyrprus - Kyrenia

    Since 2006, we have been providing all the necessary services to show you the best quality service and Turkish hospitality with our quality service understanding which we have meticulously kept. We are delighted to welcome our valued guests at the Vuni Palace Hotel, which is designed to be family friendly. Our hotel is located in Girne, which is one of the unique natural and historical beauties of Northern Cyprus. It is 1 km from the center and 30 minutes from the airport of Ercan. Our hotel which constantly improves its understanding of quality from day to day, is a paradise of hidden nature with its insatiable view of azure sea in a thousand kinds of plants and green.

    Our hotel is waiting for you valuable new guests with its privileged services offered to its guests with its 354 bed capacity of 176 rooms. Our hotel, which offers the best calm and warmth you desire from crowds and noise, is equipped with the staff who makes you happy with 5 stars comfort.

    We think you will take the fatigue of the year, our hotel has 22 square meters and 40 square meters. We serve you with our services that will meet all your needs with our rooms. We make the most of a comfortable holiday in total peace.

    With its distinguished flavors dominating Turkish and world cuisines, our rich men are continuously renewed to spend the best time. If you are planning to stay in the best hotel between a holiday, a non-luxury Luxury and a Girne hotel, we are ready to serve you.

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